My name is Riccardo. I am Postdoctoral Fellow at Rice University (USA) in the Rice Networks Group, headed by Prof. Edward Knightly.

I work on the interoperability of heterogeneous networks and data-sources in Smart City scenarios.

If you are interested in my publications takeĀ a look here, or check my Google Scholar profile.

What’s New

  • [23 Oct. 2017] Our paper “LEGIoT: a Lightweight Edge Gateway for the Internet of Things” has been accepted for publication in the Elsevier journal Future Generation Computer Systems.
  • [08 Sep. 2017] I joined the IEEE ICC 2018 Program Committee.
  • [01 Aug. 2017] Our paper “SCARF: A SoCial-Aware Reliable Forwarding Technique for Vehicular Communications” will be presented at SMARTOBJECTS 2017 – ACM MobiCom Workshop.
  • [20 Mar. 2017] I joined the AdHoc-Now 2017 Organizing Committee.
  • [03 Mar. 2017] Our paper “Lightweight Virtualization as Enabling Technology for Future Smart Cars” has been accepted for publication in IFIP/IEEE IM 2017.
  • [01 Mar. 2017] Our paper “Adaptive Filtering as a Service for Smart City Applications” has been accepted for publication in IEEE ICNSC 2017.
  • [01 Mar. 2017] I joined the SSC 2017 Program Committee.
  • [07 Feb. 2017] I joined the ICA3PP 2017 Program Committee.
  • [22 Jan. 2017] I joined the Internet of Things Council.
  • [09 Jan. 2017] Our demo “Design of a Virtualized Smart Car Platform” has been accepted for presentation in EWSN 2017.